“We’re Still Family” Contents

still-family-book-smWe’re Still Family
What Grown Children Have to Say
About Their Parents’ Divorce

Part I: The Truth About Divorce
1. No Easy Answers: Why the Popular View of Divorce Is Wrong   [click link to see excerpt]
2. The Adult Children Speak: The Real Legacy of Divorce
3. Lingering Memories About Their Predivorce Family: Adult Children Look Back at Their Parents’ Marriages Before DivorcePart II: Chagnes, Changes” What Our Kids Want Us to Know About What Works and What Doesn’t
4. Living Arrangements: What Kids Have to Say About Their “Best Inters”
5. Fathers: The Most Vulnerable Relationship and How Adult Children Work It Out
6. Reinventing the Brady Bunch: How Remarriage Changes Children’s Lives
7. The Imporatance of Tribal Elders: Adult Children Tell Us How Parental Cooperation Matters

Part II: Stengthening Our Binuclear Families
8. Fostering Resilience: Helping Children Thrive in Their Postdivorce Families
9. Advice from the Front Lines: How to Script a Good Divorce

Postscript: A Call for Change: How Society Can Support Families After Divorce
Appendix: The Research
Selected References

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