You can select from a number of ways that Dr. Ahrons may be able to assist you.
Consulting Services          Coaching Services
Collaborative Divorce       Mediation
Psychotherapy Services

Consulting Services
Dr. Ahrons can provide information, a second opinion or added insight to other mental health professionals and educators about specific situations that arise during a divorce and afterwards, whether they are affecting adults or children. With more than 30 years of experience as a family therapist, Dr. Ahrons is well-versed in the problems families and couples face during this difficult transition.

Dr. Ahrons also consults with attorneys to help them understand their client’s needs and give them strategies to manage the emotional issues—and lessen the heightened emotions—that often slow down the legal process.

To inquire about engaging Dr. Ahrons for her Consulting Services, please Contact Us, briefly describing your needs. Consultations can take place in-person or on the phone.

Coaching Services
Coaching is an excellent way for individuals or families to handle specific issues that arise during divorce. Coaching, however, is not psychotherapy. Coaching is generally focused around a specific issue, such as, How do I deal with my anger? Can you help us devise a custody plan? When can I start dating?   Therapy helps with problems that are much deeper and that have more emotional complexity.

To inquire about engaging Dr. Ahrons for her Coaching Services, please Contact Us, briefly describing your needs. Coaching can be done by phone or in-person and usually requires 1-4 sessions. (Coaching on the phone always consists of at least two sessions and cannot be done by email.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching Services
Collaborative divorce is different than traditional divorce. It’s generally far less acrimonious and involves a team of professionals. That team can be as large or small as you want, but can include attorneys for each spouse, coaches for both adults, a child specialist and a financial specialist—this is the “full team model.” Dr. Ahrons has years of experience with collaborative divorce and is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Dr. Ahrons can act as a coach for either adult, for both adults, or as a coach representing the well being of the entire family. As an individual or couple’s coach, she can assist with communication during the divorce, enabling both adults to problem solve without excessive conflict.

In the one-coach model, Dr. Ahrons is the family specialist, working with both spouses and the children, helping the family manage the changes that are needed to become a dual-household healthy family. As a family coach Dr. Ahrons will recommend ways the ex-spouses can work together so that they best serve their children’s needs, and works with parents on problem-solving. She can help the couple work out details like living arrangements, custody issues, dating and step-families, all with a focus on what is best for the children and the family.

To inquire about engaging Dr. Ahrons for Collaborative Divorce Coaching, please Contact Dr. Ahrons, briefly describing your needs.

For more information about Collaborative Divorce, please visit these websites:
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Collaborative Family Law San Diego

As a mediator Dr. Ahrons can mediate child custody decisions. She helps the divorcing parents work out the details of living arrangements and resolve differences about other child-related issues, such as schooling, religious preferences, extracurricular activities, etc. She provides a template for a parenting plan and works through each issue with the parents. In cooperation with your attorneys or mediator she will assist you in having a personal parenting plan that will become part of your divorce settlement.

To inquire about engaging Dr. Ahrons for Mediation, please Contact Us, briefly describing your needs.

Psychotherapy Services
Psychotherapy is what’s needed if the issues and problems that arise during a divorce are emotionally very complex and deep. Sometimes the issues that arise for an individual during a divorce have little to do with the divorce, and more to do with the history and psychology of the individual. In that case, Dr. Ahrons will have to learn about the individual’s history and the dynamics of their relationship, in order to help them resolve or work through what is troubling them. Psychotherapy requires more time than coaching and usually lasts from several months to a year or longer.

Dr. Ahrons also continues to work with couples and families around issues unrelated to divorce. Dr. Ahrons does not do individual therapy with young children but rather works with children’s problems within the family context.

To inquire about engaging Dr. Ahrons for Psychotherapy Services, please Contact Us, briefly describing your needs.

To inquire about the cost of consulting, coaching, mediation or psychotherapy, please Contact Us, briefly describing the problem you would like help with. Please know that although Dr. Ahrons reads all of her email, she regrets that she can’t answer all of them, nor can she provide advice via email.