“The Good Divorce” Contents

good-divorce-book-sm The Good Divorce:
Keeping Your Family Together
When Your Marriage Comes Apart
1. What’s Good in Divorce ~ Valuing Family   [click chapter title link to see excerpt]
2. What Divorce Is and Is Not ~ Transcending the Myths
3. What’s Normal in Divorce ~ Creating a New Vision
4. The Emotional Process of Divorce ~ Letting Go While Holding On
5. The Binuclear Family ~ Forming a Limited Partnership
6. The Formal Divorce ~ Making It Legal
7. When the Family Expands ~ The Aftermath of Divorce
8. Pathways to a Good Divorce ~ 20-20 Hindsight
Appendix – The Binuclear Family Study: Method and Sample
NotesPublished by Quill an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers softcover 301 pg ISBN: 9780060926341
Also available as Kindle ebook
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