The Good Divorce

“The Good Divorce” Book

good-divorce-book Keeping Your Family Together
When Your Marriage Comes Apart

The good divorce? Impossible? …

In this provocative groundbreaking and authoritative book, internationally acclaimed social scientist and family therapist Constance Ahrons defines the good divorce and shows how couples can achieve one.

Counteracting the myths that divorce inevitably turns adults into bitter enemies, results in damaged children and broken homes, and rips apart the fabric of society, Dr. Ahrons focuses on what we can learn from those families that maintain family bonds and continue to meet the needs of their children.

Drawing on her two decades of landmark research and clinical practice with families of divorce, Dr. Ahrons makes clear that in order to improve the lives of half the families in America we must:

  • remove the stigma of divorce
  • redefine the divorced family as a “binuclear,” rather than a “single parent” family
  • regard “family values” as the cornerstone to healthy families, whether they are binuclear or nuclear
  • help parents and children establish new roles, rules, and rituals to support the new family structure
  • take advantage of divorce strategies and parenting solutions that help–rather than hinder–healthy development

Dr. Ahrons gives us more than ideas for self-help, she walks us through the lives of families at every stage of divorce to teach us how to make the most of the families we know we have, rather than dreaming in vain for an unattainable ideal. The Good Divorce serves as a powerful tonic for the millions of couples and parents, whether they are divorcing now or have been divorced for many years, who are tired of hearing only the damage reports. Here is a hopeful, practical book, neither pro-divorce nor anti-marriage, that will change the way we think about divorce and the way we divorce, reconfirming our commitment to children and families.

Read an excerpt from “The Good Divorce”
Published by Quill an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers softcover 301 pg ISBN: 9780060926341
Also available as Kindle ebook

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Praise for The Good Divorce

“Based on groundbreaking research, Ahrons shows couples how they can move beyond the early stages of breakup and learn to deal with the transition from a nuclear to a ‘bi-nuclear’ family…. Speaks directly to the needs of families.” ~ Family and Conciliation Courts Review


“The Good Divorce belongs on America’s required reading list. It will change forever how we think about–and do–divorce. Dr. Ahrons gives us a blueprint, a lifeline, a survival guide for navigating the divorce process, and beyond that, a new way of thinking. My heartfelt gratitude to the author for her mature and transforming vision.” ~ Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., author of The Dance of Anger and The Dance of Deception


“Intelligent, scholarly, and wonderfully readable in writing about people in their connections, their disconnections and their reconnections, Dr. Ahrons transforms our thinking from the narrow model of ‘broken home’ to the new exciting prospect of the ‘binuclear family.’ She manages the difficult feat of combining practical information with compassionate understanding. Never underestimating the pain or difficult, she concentrates on helping people ‘make the active choice to heal.’ What a gift!” ~ Olga Silverstein author of The Courage to Raise Good Men


“An outstanding book with a powerful message: while divorce is not ‘good,’ there is a path to a ‘good divorce’ where parents cooperate fully for the sake of their children.” ~ David L. Levy, Esq., President, Children’s Rights Council


“An eloquent book that speaks directly to the needs of families, and also to the need for professionals to respond in more caring ways to the pressures of families in divorce. Dr. Ahrons writes with courage, conviction, and from the heart.” ~ Hugh McIsaac, Director, Division of Family Services, Circuit Court of Oregon, and Editor of Family and Conciliation Courts Review


“An inspiration. There is new reason for hope and healthy children. With every page I found myself saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ ” ~ Vicki Lansky, parenting columnist and author, The Divorce Book for Parents


“One of the lessons of The Good Divorce is that the secret to a good divorce is to love your children more than you hate your exspouse. Sounds simple, but turns out to be so hard. Dr. Constance Ahrons’ important and very helpful new book teaches us how.” ~ Rabbi Laura Geller, Temple Emanuel, Beverly Hills, California


Read an excerpt from “The Good Divorce”
Published by Quill an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers softcover 301 pg ISBN: 9780060926341
Also available as Kindle ebook

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