“Divorced Families” Contents

divorced-familiesDivorced Families
Meeting the Challenge of Divorce & Remarriage

by Constance Ahrons and Roy Rodgers

How ex-spouses can become cooperative colleagues
instead of fiery foes

1. Is the Sky Really Falling?   [click chapter title link to see excerpt]
2. The Divorce Process: A Multidisciplinary View
3. The Separation Transition
4. Family Career Implications of the Separation Transition
5. The Divorce Transition
6. Family Career Implications of the Divorce Transition
7. The Remarriage Transition
8. Family Career Implications of the Remarriage Transition
9. Strengthening the Binuclear Family
IndexPublished by W.W. Norton, New York, softcover, 260 pages, ISBN 9780393306224

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