About Dr. Ahrons

About Dr. Ahrons

Psychologist Constance Ahrons has three decades of experience helping couples and families cope with divorce and its aftermath. She is a sought-out international speaker and expert, and the author of the bestselling books “The Good Divorce” (HarperCollins) and “We’re Still Family” (HarperCollins). She also co-authored the highly regarded “Divorced Families” (W.W. Norton).

repreesnts the 'binuclear' family as coined by Dr. Ahrons

Dr. Ahrons is Professor Emerita of Sociology and the former Director of the Family Therapy Doctoral Training Program at USC.  Prior to teaching at USC she was a professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. To better understand how divorce impacts families, she conducted a long-term study of 98 post divorce families, interviewing them 4 times over 20 years. The research findings from The Binuclear Family Study have been published in 3 books and over 30 professional articles, and cited by numerous newspapers nationally and internationally. The original data are available in archives at Harvard.

Dr. Ahrons coined the term “binuclear family”
And, she was an early champion of collaborative divorce – a respectful team approach to divorce without having to go to court. Dr. Ahrons is an advocate for collaborative divorce through her coaching and mediation services. She provides practical and supportive advice and guidance for all members of the family.

Creator & Author of The Good Divorce
Dr. Ahrons works closely with those who want a family-based “good divorce” that takes into consideration the needs and wants of all family members. She can serve as coach, mediator, and therapist. Her coaching will provide targeted advice and guidance around issues that often arise during a divorce, such as custody, living arrangements, co-parenting, how to choose a mediator, how to deal with anger, when it’s OK to date, to introduce that date to your children (or have that date sleep in your house). Many issues arise after divorce, such as problems with co-parenting, revisions in living arrangements, how to integrate a new partner in to the binuclear family and changes due to remarriage of one or both parents.

Dr. Ahrons also consults with mental health professionals and educators wanting a valuable second opinion or added insight based on her 35 years of experience. 

She has been tapped for her expertise on radio and television shows, including The Today Show, NPR, Good Morning America and Oprah.

Contact her for consulting, coaching or collaborative divorce work. For information about any of the services Dr. Ahrons provides, please visit the Services page.

Check the Books & Resources page for free downloadable resources, including “15 Golden Rules for Achieving a Good Divorce,” “The Five Transitions and Crisis Points of Divorce,” and more

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