Expert advice, coaching and counseling to help you and your family
cope with the changes and challenges of separation, divorce and remarriage

constance-ahrons-web Dr. Constance Ahrons works with those navigating through a divorce and its aftermath as coach, mediator and/or therapist. She coined the term “binuclear family” and was an early champion of collaborative divorce, a no-court, respectful team approach to divorce. Find out more About Constance Ahrons

Constance Ahrons is a best-selling author of The Good Divorce and We’re Still Family. And, co-authored the highly regarded book, Divorced Families. She is also an acclaimed international speaker.

Dr. Ahrons has over 30 years of experience helping families cope with divorce and remarriage. See Services. She has been featured on the Early Morning Show, CNN with Anderson Cooper, the Today Show, Good Morning America & Oprah.

Check the Books & Resources page for free pdf downloads, including “15 Golden Rules for Achieving a Good Divorce,” “The Five Transitions and Crisis Points of Divorce,” and more